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Damian's Driving SchoolAbout me
Hi my name is Damian, your local learner driving centres instructor.

Thank you for taking the time to look over my website,everything you need to become a safe driver can be found here, from the latest courses and lesson prices to testimonials from former pupils.

Why not give yourself a great start on your driving journey. Click on the LINKS tab at the top of the page and take a look at the free resources available to you.

I'm married to Sarah and have 2 children.I know how important it is for your family members and loved ones to have the very best in education, especially when driving on the roads today. I would accept nothing less for my own family and aim to provide the same standard of expectation from my own tuition.

Why did I become a driving instructor? It was when I started coaching Rugby League that I first got the bug and realised how much enjoyment I got out of coaching, it doesn't matter if they were new to the game or an experienced player the end result was still the same to help them improve and be the best they could possibly be to win.

This is the approach I use as a driving instructor, there's no better feeling than seeing a beginner develop the skills needed to become a competent and safe driver,reaching the standard required to pass there driving test. The expression on there face after a pass is the best feeling not just for the pupil but me as an instructor.

The lessons I give are conducted how I would want my lessons to be, I aim to make them as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. I believe if you enjoy doing something then you will get the result you set out to achieve a Test Pass.

As a learner mistakes on lessons do happen a positive reaction is what's needed and that's my job, to correct the mistake in a constructive way allows the lessons to keep moving forward making sure the enjoyment stays. I hope you give me the opportunity to be your instructor and I get to see you holding your test pass certificate.

I chose to work with LDC because everybody is different and the LD System allows forflexibility in lessons so pupils can learn to drive safely at a rate to suit.

By combining the LD system with my calm, friendly, and relaxed approach, if you choose me to teach you to drive, you too can benefit from these things. In addition, some pupils have partners or parents who like to follow or discuss their loved ones’ progress and for me, this is not a problem. Pupils get less confused when both parties are saying the same thing. My approach and the use of the LD system makes this easy for additional training to be done in conjunction with the professional lessons I deliver.

Well I hope this gives you a brief idea about me, why not have a read from my testimonies to see how other people see me, I'm very approachable and would like to say thank you for visiting my site, look forward to teaching you soon, so please feel free to click here to "Contact me"